With a 23-21 record to end the summer, the Joplin Outlaws are your 2022 Mink League South Division Champions. With the help of a nine-game winning streak from July 12th to the 19th, it would propel them to capturing the division title. The team was stoked to learn the good news.

Max Bruff said, “We’re pretty excited, you know we got that news right before the Sedalia game, so we wanted to win that game, obviously we didn’t come out with it, but we were pretty happy and excited with the outcome of that decision.”

Matt Campbell said, “The coaches and our guys have put in a lot of work, and our general manager Mr. Rains has done a very good job of controlling the organization.”

Here at Joe Becker Stadium, the fans got their usual experience at a baseball game like getting those ballpark nachos or trying to catch a foul ball, but they also witnessed history this summer as the Outlaws won the south division for the first time.

Head Coach Gonzalo Gonzalez said, “It’s pretty awesome, we have some returners from last year, so they got pretty close last year winning their first playoff game in Outlaws history, so we hope to repeat that this year and hopefully take it a step further.”

Bruff said, “Oh it’s so fitting. We’ve done pretty well in terms of team chemistry and what not and so the fact that we got that title on our belt and on our backs, it’s a cool feeling.”

Now the Outlaws will host the south division final Tuesday evening at Joe Becker Stadium. The game will be at 7:00. The team has a clear message to the fans.

Bruff said, “Come on out and support us, we feed off you guys energy and it makes for a much better playing experience and a lot more fun on the field for sure.”

Gonzalez said, “I mean you guys have been here all year, so it’s been special to see especially for our guys to play in front of a crowd, it’ll be on a Tuesday night so tomorrow will be a great day for everyone to come on out and keep supporting us and I just want to say thank you to the city of Joplin for everything they’ve done for our guys and for our coaches, myself included.”