Continuing our high school football previews, we go to the Lamar Tigers, who are coming off an incredible season. And, they’re looking to continue that success this season.

After going 25-2 in two seasons, the expectations are always high with the Lamar Tigers. And coming into this season, those expectations still haven’t changed.

Head Coach Jared Beshore said, “The expectations are always high here at Lamar. They’ve been like that for a long time. I think I’m pretty used to it and my staff’s used to it and our players are used to it, so it’s really nothing new, for us. It’s just another season and another opportunity to make something special happen”.

The Tigers are looking to get back to their third consecutive state title game and win their second state championship in three years. And with the players the mindset stays simple, “Start fast, finish strong”.

Senior Linebacker Keaton Pagacz said, “Really just the same mindset we’ve had every year, “start fast, finish strong”. With the loss last year, we have a more high tempo high paced mindset of getting everything done quicker at a higher like succession rate almost”.

Although, they have quite a few starters coming back, they did need to replace a few guys but these seniors have stepped up and motivated those guys to find their role on this team to help them succeed.

Senior Quarterback Joel Beshore said, “Well like on scout team, and we all had to go through and do all that stuff and just help them through it because we’ve been through it and help them go along with their role and it pushes them up to where we are, and keep it rolling really”.

The Tigers will open up their 2022 season by traveling up to Marshfield with game time set for 7 p.m. The game will be on Friday, August 26th.