Girl Power: For Miami cheerleaders, powerlifting and cheer go hand in hand


MIAMI, OK. — We’re often advised never to judge a book by its cover. But, Miami High School Cheerleader Jade White finds herself constantly surprising people when they find out that she also happens to be one of the top power lifters in the state.

She’s a highly skilled cheerleader that can execute in any role she’s given, whether that be standing tall as a flyer or holding things down as a base.

She is one of those athletes that you want to participate in everything because she puts her hear into it,” said Miami head cheer coach Lindsey Bearden. “She’s very successful and that’s all because of her passion and her drive.”

On top of all that, Jade is one of the strongest girls in Oklahoma, something many people wouldn’t guess about her upon first glance.

They’re like, ‘No, you aren’t.’ ‘I’m just like I promise I am.’ because they’re like ‘You’re so little’ and I’m like ‘But, I’m strong,'” said White.

She’s on Miami’s powerlifting team which won the state title last year in the girl’s division and she’s also a state record holder.

While her competition sometimes overlooked her, her strength always spoke for itself and put everyone on notice.

“Whenever I go to the co-ed meets, they’re like ‘That’s the girl.’ It’s kind of funny,” White said.

Her success is the product of her hard work and dedication, which makes those accomplishments all the more special.

“I’ve worked so hard through the years to make myself better and I finally did it and it just feels really good,” said White.

Being crowned as one of the best while proving the doubters wrong just goes to show that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

“I just want to encourage everyone that they can do anything,” said White. “Whenever I first started, it was rough. I started out as everyone else did and I worked so hard to get myself better and anyone can do it.”

Jade isn’t the only member of that girls powerlifting state championship team who also happens to be on the cheer team.

Jericho Burrow and Darci Edmondson were on that team as well. All three girls say powerlifting also helps them to be better cheerleaders.

They said the strength they’ve gained and the chemistry they’ve developed with one another come in handy when performing stunts and jumps.

“Me and Darci usually base together, so we can do a lot more stuff,” said Burrow. “Just being on different teams, you kind of learn different personality types and how to get along with each other and really learn how to become a team which helps us especially in stunting, because if you’re not on the same page, it’s just not going to work,” added Edmondston.

Jade, Jericho and Darci all said they’re looking forward to hopefully bringing another state powerlifting title back to Miami this year.

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