GALENA, Ks. — The Galena Bulldogs boys basketball team remains undefeated and just won their fourth straight Sub-State championship on Saturday.

The Bulldogs pulled away with a 50-35 victory over the Columbus Titans to claim the 3A Sub-State Championship four times in a row. This is the first time for Galena basketball winning Sub-State four straight years and going undefeated.

Now they prepare for the state tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas a place they’re very familiar with as they’ve been there before. As the number one seed the Bulldogs will face the number eight seed Wellsville Eagles in the first round.

A big part of the Bulldogs success is the leadership form this year’s senior class.

Hadley Price said, “Well I think that all of us have played a lot of basketball it helps that a lot of our guys play travel basketball, so they’ve been in those situations that a lot kids don’t get into and just having those five seniors that are really just running the court. It helps just to be smart with the basketball and know what to do in the situations that you might not be used to.”

Ty Hall says, “Yea, we have Tyler Little. He’s great obviously you guys probably know he’s really great our there. He’s a good teammate, passes the ball, he’s not selfish, he’s great and I think he’s a big leader on the team. He talks to us tell us things we need and the coaches all help around too so it’s just a team thing and it all comes together in the end.”

Coach Matt Meyr mentioned, “You know it’s been the seniors. I think I calculated for something else I filled out the other day they are 87-10 I think in their four years in high school. So to almost win 100 games in four years of high school basketball is a big deal they can remember that and hopefully they’ve will have shown the younger kids in the classes, you know middle school and below, what kind on hard work it takes to get to that point.”