Coming off an 8-3 season last year, The Galena Bulldogs are looking to continue that success with the strong Senior class they have coming back this year.

Head Coach Beau Sarwinski said, “You know, we got a good senior class of guys you know with Tyler Little, Dawson Mooney, and Isaiah Dunaway and Koby Meyers, just to just to name a few of our seniors those kids have, you know, played for a long time and, you know, excited for their senior year. They’ve been playing a lot since, you know, their, their freshman, sophomore years and, and we’re excited for them and excited for you know, what, what can happen for them this season.”

With this senior class, Senior Tight End Tyler Little says the expectations are high because he believes they can do something special this season.

Senior Tight End Tyler Little said, “They’re really high. I feel like our senior class is pretty strong this year. We’ve been playing since a really young age. We have a lot of love a lot of potential actually. I feel really confident in this group and I feel like we can get the job done.

Coach Sarwinski believes his guys got better in the off-season and bought in to the idea of taking it one day at a time.

Coach Sarwinski said, “Well, I think every year our goal is to get stronger, get a little faster. I think collectively as a group, our seniors have led our, our team in that aspect. So I think you know, getting stronger and you know, being a little bit faster, I think will be some keys for us this year. So, you know, it’s always the same goal. We just got to get a little bit better and just take it one day at a time and I think our kids as a whole have bought into that.”