From Purple Dragon to Wildcat, Alex Barnes owes his college success to Pittsburg


Since earning his spot as starting running back for the kansas state wildcats, Pittsburg native Alex Barnes has been one of the most successful backs in the Big XII. While the junior captain has felt at home on the gridrion in Manhattan, he owes it all to his roots in Southeast Kansas.

This past Saturday afternoon, Alex Barnes had the start every running back wants, closing the opening drive with a  touchdown

We’re finally doing the stuff we’re supposed to be doing. We’re finally able to, take advantage of the opportunities whenever they’re there. and uhh that was really big, for us, setting the tone for the rest of the ball game.

But after the 41-17 victory, Barnes wasn’t praised for the K-State offenses’ first time scoring in the first half of game this season, but for his effort on Skylar Thompson’s rushing touchdown in the third quarter. 

The best thing that Alex did today, Alex made a fake, that drew four or five defensive players to him. Skylar may not score, probably doesn’t score if it isn’t for the fake that Alex carried out.

As Alex has learned over his years in Manhattan from a legendary coach in Bill Snyder, he praises Tom Nickelson from his Pittsburg High days, for helping him earn his way to becoming a Wildcat.

His attitude about, you know, being able to take everyday and  just you know, be your best football player that you can be. And, you know, I really appreciate him and all that he did for me you know. Kind of taking me from being a little punk uhh middle school kid and really helping me develope and mature into a you know, somebody who was ready to play college football.

And the work ethic instilled in him from those who fed Alex growing up.

My mom really pushed me to do uhh, that sorta thing too, she, always made sure I didn’t have to get a job, so I could go workout, that sorta thing. She really supported me throughout all that too. And my grandparents helped out a lot. A lot of people came into my life that uhh, helped me, to become the person that I am today.

Has earned him meals plenty of years later.

You carry out a fake and make somebody tackle ya, and I will buy you a steak dinner. And as soon as Alex came off the field he worked his way over to find me with a smile on his face and I said ‘I owe ya.’

I just looked at him I was like, that’s my steak, medium well and he was like ‘You got it.’

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