Here’s our Top 3 plays from Friday Night’s Games!

Play #1: Frontenac’s Jomar Pero–

Frontenac’s Jomar Pero received the kick-off, found a hole, and then turned on the jets after blowing by the Burlington defense on his way to a 93-yard touchdown!

Frontenac held on to defeat Burlington, 15-12.

Play #2: Webb City’s Braden McKee to Drew Vonder Haar–

Webb City Quarterback Braden Mckee rolled out to his left where he threw a deep pass downfield to his Tight End, Drew Vonder Haar, who was wide open and he took off for the 78-yard touchdown.

Webb City defeated Belton, 71-20, to advance to the District Championship.

Play #3: St. Mary’s-Colgan’s Tucker Harrell–

St. Mary’s Colgan Quarterback Tucker Harrell kept the ball on a QB Keeper, broke through some tackles before finding himself sprinting away to the end zone for the 65-yard score.

Colgan defeated Jayhawk-Linn, 63-6.