Friday afternoon more high school athletes were celebrated as they decided to sign to play in college.

At Webb City, four Cardinal baseball players would sign in front of friends and family. Those four would include Kaylor Darnell, Cy Darnell and Walker Sweet all going to Missouri Southern. As well as Kenley Hood who’s going to Highland Community College. The players choice of school and this big day is priceless.

Kaylor Darnell mentioned, “It’s really special for me, I attribute a lot of what I have to my dad and my mom. They taught me a lot of hard work and things like that. Looking at their schooling and their baseball program, it was the best fit for me and a lot of the other schools didn’t have that schooling that I was wanting.”

Kenley Hood stated, “It means a lot to me, I mean I’m blessed to play at the next level after high school, I mean I think it’s every kid’s dream that plays baseball to go play as far and as long as they can. I went to a couple of camps and coach A’s a great guy, I’ve been in contact with him for about two years and I just went up to their most recent camp, I think it was this fall and I got offered that day and committed a couple weeks later.”

Walker Sweet voiced, “It was a pretty easy process. They stayed in contact mostly throughout my entire high school season and then over summer they really started to be more in contact with me and then I went on a visit and about a week in a half two weeks later I committed.”

Cy Darnell said, “I think the…location and I want to be a teacher that might help a little bit and I like their assistant coach a lot better than the head coach…so…yeah.”