JOPLIN, Mo– A former Missouri Southern Lion alum is now giving back to the community with a quarterback training program he has created called “QB Fleet”, which is dedicated to training guys all over the Four States.

TJ Fleeton has taken it upon himself to be a quarterback trainer and coach for athletes throughout the Four States area.

The ages of the kids he works with range from 6 years old to 19 years old, which includes many of our local quarterbacks in the area.

He works with senior Hobbs Gooch (Joplin), junior Brady Carlton (Carthage), senior Dexter Merrell (Carl Junction) and junior Cade Spiva (Neosho).

He prepares the older kids for the college level and making sure they’re playing at their very best on Friday nights.

With the younger kids, he works on building their confidence and getting them trained on the techniques so they’re ready as they move up in age to high school.

Fleeton spoke on why he decided to start this quarterback training program in the area.

TJ Fleeton said, “Man that is a very long story. So I started doing this because my dad never played the position of quarterback. I was just a little kid from Alabama. Daphne, Alabama, to be exact. My dad taught me everything I know besides my quarterback coach David Morris. He runs QB Country. But when my dad passed away in 2019, I was like, man, I really want to do something to give back to my community. I want to do something to help the younger generation out to become a better version of playing position of quarterback. So I started doing this and from there it took off”.

For more information on training sessions you can find his Facebook account called “QB Fleet”.