JOPLIN, Mo — Over at Joplin High School, they had five athletes put pen to paper to sign to compete at the next level.

Raelin Calderon signed to play volleyball at Cottey College. Janiah Vaughn signed to continue her volleyball playing career at Ottawa University.

Harry Satterlee will be heading to the University of Cincinnati where he signed to the Men’s Golf Team to compete for the Bearcats.

Katherine Schaefer signed to run cross country and track & field for Drury University.

And finally, Ian Horton signed to run cross country and track & field at Arkansas State University.

Here’s what all the athletes had to say about today’s signings!

Drury University Cross Country/Track & Field commit Katherine Schaefer said, “I feel like I’m on cloud nine just knowing that it’s not over yet. And I still have this whole other chapter to my life as a runner. It just feels so nice”.

Ottawa University Volleyball commit Janiah Vaughn said, “I’m very excited since like I’ve been playing volleyball since I was very young and it’s just exciting that I get to go. I didn’t think I could make it this far”.

Cottey College Volleyball Commit Raelin Calderon said, “It’s starting to feel really real. And I started getting more excited about my future and less like anxious about my future”.

University of Cincinnati Men’s Golf Commit Harry Satterlee said, “Although I was just out on the golf course in the putting green, just getting mad at myself, putting in the work, putting in the work and just like seeing the faces of my family, making them proud, that’s really all that mattered to me”.

Arkansas State Cross Country/Track & Field commit said, “I’m going to a place where I’m gonna be successful and I’m going to be able to succeed with other people that we have the same motivation”.