CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — On Wednesday afternoon, five female student athletes who are best friends made one of the biggest decisions of their lives on what school they will play at in college next fall.

Volleyball teammates since the age of 11 Miya Carnes and Abigail Wilson both signed to play volleyball at NEO A&M college. The girls say that their personal connection to NEO head volleyball coach Sarah Wall solidified their choice of NEO.

Carnes said, “It means so much to have, like my teammates and my coaches and my family and my friends here. It’s just it’s so special and I’m so excited.”

Wilson said, “I feel so blessed, so incredibly thankful for everyone here. Some of my teammates are here, some of my school friends are here, and my parents just are here to support me.”

Hannah Cantrell will play softball at St. Charles Community College.

Cantrell said, “Yeah, it’s very big. It’s very scary going on to the next level, going four and a half hours away from my family. But it’ll all work out. It’ll be great.”

Chloe Miller will swim for the University of South Dakota.

Miller said, “So excited to sign. The school has been so supportive in all of my sports and athletics, and I know that they’re going to support me when I go to college.”

Kylie Scott signed and will play basketball at Oral Roberts.

Scott said, “It’s so important. I just think it kind of shows, you know, all the hard work I’ve put in over the years and that this moment is finally here. And just a little sad to think about, but I’m just really excited for, like, my future.”

This day means a lot to the girls.