The Diamond Wildcats are coming off a 5-5 season and they’re counting on their seniors and the experience they bring to help them succeed this season.

The Wildcats are bringing all five of their offensive lineman back, that are all seniors!

The familiarity with this tight knit group of guys is close and the brotherhood is strong. When you have a good bond with each other, it leads to success on the field.

Coach Whitehead talked about the strengths of this team while two of his seniors talked about the brotherhood they have within this team.

“Defensively, our linebackers and defensive lineman are playing really well right now and so you know, I think every you know, aspects of the game are coming together just like what we hope for and what we plan for,” Coach Whitehead said.

Senior Offensive Lineman Jacob Atkinson discussed how comfortable it is to play with guys you’ve been side-by-side with for awhile.

“I think it makes us pretty compatible, because we’ve been playing with each other for the past four years and some of us even been playing when we were younger,” Atkinson said, “I think we all just know our capabilities of each other and what we can do”.

Senior Middle Linebacker Xzontae Foster talked about how this team just has a tight brotherhood with each other.

“You know at practice we’re slamming each other, busting each other’s heads and as soon as we get off that white line you know its, you know one big family, we’re loving each other and that shows where on the field we can go, we can get down but we bring each other right back up. we’re playing hard, uh it’s just, everyone knows what to say, and what to do to help each other and bring each other up, and at the same time we hold each other accountable and all that good stuff,” Foster said.

The Wildcats will open their season at home and take on Ash Grove with kick-off set for 7 p.m. on Friday, August 26th.