Current Gorillas Lend Perspective From Time at Basketball Team Camp


Growing from 12 teams in its inaugural camp to over 170 teams during these next two weeks, Pitt State has taken full advantage at hosting potential recruits. 

The Gorillas have signed many former camp participants including their sophomore trio of Kaylee DaMitz, Sydnee Crain and Tristan Gegg who competed against one another at this very camp all throughout high school.

Now the three are not only teammates at Pitt State but best friends. As they see campers go through the same experiences wrapped around competition, they know these camps can be about more than earning wins. 

“It’s fun, we’re teammates, we’re family now and I know all these girls are going to develop relationships like that too so…” began Pitt sophomore guard, Sydnee Crain,  “…it’s kind of just doing whatever you want and just having a good time here. That’s what this camp is all about. Meet new people and having fun.”

Tristan Gegg added, “We all played each other when we were here, and now we’re all super close, and we go here, so I feel like these girls that are playing now are going to go through the same things. They’ll be able to bond while they’re competing and that’s kind of the best bond you can have.”. 

That bond helped the trio lead Pitt State to a 21-9 record their freshman year and an appearance in the NCAA national tournament. 

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