After being drafted in the 7th round during the 2022 NFL Draft, Kansas City Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco had a rookie season to remember rushing for 830 yards and five touchdowns last season, while also helping the Chiefs to a Super Bowl title. Pacheco is now giving back to the community after his strong rookie season.

Pacheco was in town today as he put on a youth camp at Joplin High School for young athletes ranging from six to 16 years old. Parents and kids stood in line to learn from one of the NFL’s latest break through running backs.

The young athletes were led in several drills and even got to play 7-on-7 football with Pacheco as the all-time quarterback. Campers also got to take a picture with Pacheco and take home a limited-edition camp t-shirt. We had the chance to speak with Pacheco on his experience in Joplin.

Isiah Pacheco said, “It’s a pleasure to be here with the community, the kids are excited to go. For me to be out here, my third camp, I’m excited to get out here and work the kids, get them sweating during this exciting day, but most importantly to leave them with something to remember. It’s been a great feeling so far here in Joplin, I can see the excited parents and kids, the community’s a great community environment and I’m blessed to be apart of it. Events like this giving back to the kids, as far as camps, signing signatures, shaking their hands, that’s always gonna be in their memory and for me to make sure I give them the best that I have today and for me to show them that they can be up next in this position.”