Charlie Brown Signs Pro Contract in Germany


Joplin native, Charlie Brown has officially signed a contract to play professional basketball in Germany with BG Leitershofen.

Brown will reignite his playing career after spending the past season as a graduate assistant with his alma mater, Minnesota State.

It’s just an awesome feeling, knowing that your job is basketball.

Charlie Brown after signing pro contract with BG Leitershofen

Brown tried putting his childhood dream coming true into words, “Something I’ve been doing since I’m seven, eight years old. And I could say that’s my ‘job’. It’s a crazy feeling.”

For the guard with a clear cut “J”, his path to play professional basketball was anything but that. After averaging 17 points per game while leading Minnesota State to the Sweet 16 his senior year, no pro offers came Charlie’s way. So he traded his basketball shoes for dress shoes, while taking a permanent spot on the Maverick’s bench as a grad assistant

“As a young coach, I still love the game and I was constantly around the game, seeing those guys workout in practice. Some days I was like man, I wish I could be out there with them.”

When Brown got a break from his GA duties on top of bartending in downtown Mankato, he got in the gym to keep his game sharp. Then once summer began, it was all basketball for Brown, “I wake up around 7:30, 8:00. Run on the treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes. Hit the sauna, get a sweat going. Then I come to the gym with Braelon, that’s like an hour and a half to two hours. Take a nap then later that day, back to the gym.”

The year spent coaching wasn’t in vain as it only increased Charlie’s basketball IQ, “Now I can see reads before they even happen. I know match-ups better, I know defensive schemes, offensive schemes. Coming down I know which shot I want to get to.”

Now Brown looks forward to continue the marathon that is his career, “This is my chance to really set the tone. Show people overseas that it doesn’t matter where you come from. If you put the work in, trust God and like continuously have strong faith in what you want to do, anything can happen.”

He will also be the fourth player with Missouri Southern ties to play for the Kangaroos as Skyler Bowlin, Jason Adams and CJ Carr all began their pro careers with BG Leitershofen. Brown played at Southern for two years before transferring to Minnesota State his junior year.

They definitely have the right man for the job.

Charlie Brown on filling CJ Carr’s point guard role

“My challenge for myself is to average 22 points per game but I want my assists numbers to be around seven to eight…” Brown began when explaining his goals on taking over the Kangaroos offense for Carr, “… if I can make sure my shooters are happen and reward my big man for running the floor and playing great defense, I feel like that would be a great nucleus of what we can do to accomplish our goal of winning championships. Over there, if you win championships, you move up leagues.”

The 6’1″ guard will join the team in Germany in August. Brown will be the fourth Joplin native to play professional basketball, joining Cat Johnson, David Robinson and his former high school assistant coach, Jeff Hafer.

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