Carthage’s Templeman brothers enjoying the season together as starters and captains


CARTHAGE, Mo. — When it comes to their styles of play and their personalities, brothers Max and Silas Templeman couldn’t be more different. But they do have some similarities, like playing important roles for the Carthage boys basketball team.

Max, a sophomore point guard and Silas, a senior small forward have two completely different playing styles.

“We have Max that brings a downhill aggressive attack, can score from all three levels,” said Carthage head boys basketball coach Nathan Morris. “Then you got Silas who’s a little more of a post presence. They bring a little different feel and different games that really help our basketball team. Both being starters on our team.”

There are several distinctions between them off the court as well.

“I went through a similar scenario,” said Morris. “I had a senior brother when I was a sophomore and it was good. I learned a lot from him. We butted heads a little more than these two do. They’re complete opposites and they kind of stay out of each other’s way. I think there’s an inner competitiveness that they don’t show. Like I said, Max, he’s kind of the outgoing really ultra-competitive type and Silas is kind of an introvert.”

“I’m more of a jokester,” said Max. “He’s [Silas] more serious and I just like to joke around and have fun a bunch.”

This year, both are starters and team captains. 

“I’m definitely lucky I get to play with my brother,” said Max. “Not everyone gets to do that.”

“It’s nice you know, instead of fighting with him at home, I get to fight with him on the court, but to make him better obviously,” said Silas.

While this is the first time they’ve actually played on the same team, knowing each other’s game helps out on the court.

“Playing with him, It’s easy because we kind of know where we’re going to go and stuff,” said Max. “We just know how to play together well.”

With Silas in his final season, he’s happy he gets to spend it alongside his brother.

“I get to spend my final year of basketball with him,” said Silas. “Next year, I’ll be in college off away from him and won’t get to spend much time with him. So, it’s nice to actually play with him for once.”

When asked if there are any debates between the two about who’s better, Silas smirked.

“Everyone tells me he’s better than me but I like to think that I’m better,” Silas replied. “I just tell him I can dunk and he can’t.”

While there’s a lot of love between them, there’s also some brotherly competitiveness as well.

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