CARTHAGE, MO – The Carthage Tigers baseball team is on their way to finding a new home.

With the Arvest Foundation giving a ten thousand dollar donation, the Tigers are on their way to the completion of a new stadium.

“We go back and think about all the things this money can do,” said head coach Kevin Burgi.

“We’re really happy Arvest made this donation for us as we get closer to the build. These donations are truly impactful and really help a lot.”

Austin Hyslip of Arvest described Carthage’s community as a strong one, and admired the relationship between the city and school athletics.

“We’re also big on community,” Hyslip said.

“Being able to support something like this, and put forth effort just as much as Carthage does their own athletics goes hand in hand.”

The stadium is expected to be complete in August of 2024.