FOUR STATE AREA — If you’re craving more local sports content in the Four States Area, you won’t have to look any further as another radio talk show kickstarts next week.

The show ‘Mic’d Up’ originally aired on Saturdays, but now Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, Mello, and Austin Cunningham are bringing that local flavor every weekday from 2 to 4 p.m.

From Mizzou football to KU basketball, the show will emphasize sports around the Four States while also providing coverage of the NFL and other professional leagues.

The hosts say it’ll be fun, conversational and offer well-structured analysis right here in Joplin.

And what better time to get into radio with the expected return of sports.

Austin Cunningham, Mic’d Up Co-Host, said, “I mean we have a good time. It’s fun, we’re loose, we’re all friends so there’s not that super monotone, professional aspect to it. We’re loose, we’re friends, we’re local; it’s something we want to do. So, we’re excited to bring that to the community of Joplin and kind of share with everyone here.”

Matt Miller, Mic’d Up Co-Host, said, “and I think one thing I should have mentioned at the top is that we’re going to bring on national level analysts to talk with us. I mean we’re going to interview the best of the best, you know. You might get Patrick Mahomes on a random Tuesday, but we’re definitely going to bring in BJ Kissel who covers the Chiefs better than anyone. We’re going to bring in our friends from the media who people recognize from–again–that national perspective. You’re going to get to hear them here on local airwaves.”

The show launches on Monday and can be heard on Fox Sports Joplin as well as the show’s website.