Houn’ Dawgs ready for more after claiming Big 8 East title


The Aurora Houn’ Dawgs are putting on a show this season with a 7-1 record and were able to capture the Big 8 East division title last week defeating Reeds Spring 28-14. Since opening the year with a loss to McDonald County, Aurora has won seven straight games and the team doesn’t plan on stopping there.

Head Coach Craig Weldy said, “We feel like they could go a lot further. The season’s kind of like climbing a mountain, it’s not a horse race, you got to keep moving forward, moving up and every week we haven’t changed anything. We’re trying to get better at what we do.”

For the Aurora Houn’ Dawgs it’s just simply a classic mixture of both sides of the ball doing really well. The defense is getting the stops they need to get and getting the offense back out on the field and for the offense, especially the offensive line, they’re performing really well and making sure the opposing defense is staying out of the way.

Trey Mulholland said, “The coaches they break apart film, they just pick it apart from start to beginning. I think our coaches do a great job of just taking it and watching it and I think honestly they watch the most film out of anyone. It’s crazy how much film they watch.”

Ian Jackson said, “This is the same team we’ve played with since third grade, all of us being together as seniors. It’s everything we’ve dreamt of, everything we thought of ever since we started playing when we were little kids.”

Seeing the success from the offensive line, Jackson believes he thinks he knows just why the line is having such a strong year.

Jackson said, “These offensive linemen are not gonna admit it, but they’re getting big because I’m taking them to Costco, I’m a gold member. So, I get that discount and they love it, but they’re everything to us, I love everything that they do.”

Aurora next travels to Nevada to take on the Tigers Friday for their final regular season game of the year.

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