Which Samsung 4K TVs are best?

Televisions have gone through a variety of changes throughout the years but always changing for the better. At first, there were black and white TVs with a box-like frame and certainly were not flat. Now, we have TVs that offer full color, great resolution and other advanced features. 

Samsung televisions are some of the best TVs you can find, offering a stunning display depending on the model. Their 4K TVs can be suitable for watching a movie, a sports event or your favorite show. If you’re looking for a TV that’s rich in color and will blend into your room, The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV is the best option. 

What to know before you buy a Samsung 4K TV

Wall mounting

Most flat-screen TVs have a suitable design for wall mounting, but if you want a mountable TV, make sure it’s compatible with the standards determined by the Video Electronics Standards Association. TVs with VESA compatibility are capable of fitting on standard mounts. However, if you’re purchasing a larger television, make sure to purchase a high-quality mount that will reliably hold up the TV. 


With most current generations of TVs not using a traditional LCD screen, most TVs either use an OLED, QLED or LED display. QLED models tend to offer better color and brightness than LED and OLED TVs, thanks to their specialized quantum dot layer technology. However, OLED TVs have better contrast and deep blacks and bright. Hence, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly TV, LEDs are the better option, as they offer a nice range of colors and contrast, but don’t have the specialized technology as the QLED and OLED models. 


Depending on the TV’s capabilities, always check what ports the TV has. If you’re a gamer or use a physical streaming device, ensure that the TV has an HDMI port. For some older models, they may have a component port, which comprises three multi-colored ports. However, very few devices nowadays still use component ports, as they’ve adopted HDMI ports instead. Some televisions can hook up to gaming systems wirelessly, but these can be rare to find. Newer models of TVs will even have ethernet ports, which provide an easy internet connection.


Make sure to purchase a TV in a size that your home can handle. For example, if you’re going to purchase a large model, such as 72 inches or more, use a proper mount or stand to keep the TV secure. Also, ensure that you have enough space in your home for a larger-sized TV, as not only could they be heavier to move but also may not fit in tight spaces. 

What to look for in a quality Samsung 4K TV

Refresh rate

More commonly discussed in regards to phones, the refresh rate determines how effective the resolution in motions will be. The refresh rate is measured in frames per second, representing how fast the TV can capture certain motions. Movies tend to be filmed at 24 fps, where TV shows are filmed at 30 or 60 fps. Most TVs have a refresh rate of 60, but more expensive models can have 120 fps. Yet, you generally don’t need 120 fps unless you’re playing a video game. Watching a TV show at 120 fps can look odd. 


The high-dynamic range offers brighter highlights and a larger color palette, which delivers a more vivid display. Most 4K TVs come with HDR installed, but it’s best to purchase a more expensive HDR model than a cheaper one because sometimes cheaper HDR TVs can look worse than non-HDR models.

Smart TV

If you want to see what modern technology a 4K TV can truly offer, look for a model with smart capabilities. Features such as voice and motion control give you the power to operate your TV without a remote. Other smart features may include web browsing, online streaming, select app services and even social media browsing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsung 4K TV

For smaller 4K models that are 55 inches and less, you can find models from $400-$500. Larger models with additional features will cost between $500-$1,000, while the latest models will cost $1,000 and above. 

Samsung 4K TV FAQ

Should I buy a sound bar with my TV?

A. Sound bars tend to have much better audio quality than a TV speaker, especially as TVs get thinner. Soundbars are generally easy to install by plugging them into the appropriate input. If you can afford to purchase a soundbar with your television, it’ll be worth it. 

What’s the difference between 8K and 4K?

A. TVs with 8K resolution offer twice as much resolution as a 4K model. While it is better than a 4K model, 8K TVs are still a new concept, and many applications don’t have content that can be viewed in 8K. Therefore, it’s recommended to wait a few years before purchasing an 8K TV, so streaming and gaming services can catch up. 

What’s the best Samsung 4K TV to buy?

Top Samsung 4K TV

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

What you need to know: Experience an Art Gallery feel with this stylish 4K TV that has voice control.

What you’ll love: The combination of the immersive picture and QLED 4K display will make visuals pop out. There are five sizes available, giving you options to choose from. 

What you should consider: To purchase extra pieces of art backgrounds, you have to pay a monthly subscription service. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Samsung

Top Samsung 4K TV for the money

Samsung Class Crystal UHD Smart TV

Samsung Class Crystal UHD Smart TV

What you need to know: For its affordable price tag, this TV is packed with various smart features, such as streaming applications.

What you’ll love: The TV’s 4K UHD display has a great color range for a TV in this price range. The extremely thin design gives it a sleek look. 

What you should consider: Compared to other Samsung 4K models, the sound quality of this TV is not of satisfactory quality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Best Buy

Worth checking out

Samsung 4K Smart TV - QN90A Neo QLED

Samsung 4K Smart TV – QN90A Neo QLED

What you need to know: Giving off a home theater vibe, this TV has Samsung’s unique Neo QLED display, offering realistic levels of detail. 

What you’ll love: The combination of the wide viewing angle and premium quality audio gives this TV a movie screen feel. There are intuitive smart TV functions that allow you to get creative with your TV.

What you should consider: The larger versions of this model come with a heavy price tag. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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