Which purple comforter is best?

Every day should start and end wrapped up in a fluffy comforter. With the right material and filling, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a cloud. And what better way to create a soothing dreamscape than with the ethereal color purple? With the right hue, this regal color can make you feel like royalty in your bed chambers or add a pop of jazzy spontaneity to your modern interior. 

Whatever your design scheme, the cozy Litanika Purple Marble Comforter will elevate your bedroom with its beautiful, modern take on purple.

What to know before you buy a purple comforter

Benefits of purple

Purple is a luxurious color. Loved by nobility for centuries, it plays to both masculine and feminine sensibilities. Purple especially thrives when paired with lush materials and fabrics, making a comforter a no-brainer for this sumptuous hue.

Purple inspires creativity, and if you modulate the shade, you can transform your bedroom’s mood. Take lavender, for example, which has calming properties. Or a deep violet, which evokes a sense of mystery and seduction. Whichever tone you choose will depend on your design scheme and how you want to feel in your bedroom. 

Styling purple

Purple can be tricky. Getting the right tone for your bedroom depends on your light quality and decor. 

Modern design schemes such as minimalism, mid-century modern and contemporary cheer crave bright purples, from saturated to pastel tones. But make sure your decor can handle this color, especially on a swath as large as your bed. Brighter purples can be quite loud.

Vintage and classical decors should look to deeper purples, which play nicely with warm metal accents, aged woods and lots of ornamentation. If you’re worried about taking too much light out of your bedroom, opt for a deep-purple pattern on a lighter background. 

Comforter vs. duvet

Comforters and duvets are often confused. Though they contain similar fillings and perform the same function, they’re two different kinds of bedding. 

  • A duvet consists of two pieces: a stuffed insert and a duvet cover. Not all duvet inserts are quilted, which can affect their stuffing distribution. These are typically more expensive at outset. One benefit of a duvet is that you don’t have to wash the insert — only the cover. And you can swap the cover out depending on your design whims.
  • A comforter is a single piece of quilted bedding without a cover. This means you have to wash the whole thing (and you really should). They’re cheaper and quilted, so you have a little more control over comfort and temperature.  

What to look for in a quality purple comforter


  • Down: Down is the premium comforter filling. Taken from the soft underbellies of geese and ducks, it’s the warmest stuffing you can get. And it fluffs the best. Depending on your comforter’s stitch, down can make a great all-season comforter. But it really thrives as a cold-climate layer. This filling is typically the most expensive. 
  • Synthetic down alternative: These fillings are made from synthetic fibers. They simulate the properties of down and other natural fillers while providing a hypoallergenic substitute. Common synthetics are polyester and rayon, but more advanced fibers such as lyocell make for impressively lightweight, breathable comforters.
  • Natural down alternative: Usually either wool or cotton, natural down alternatives are a more sustainable, less cruel means of stuffing your comforter. Wool is a denser and warmer filler with moisture-wicking properties to help hot sleepers. And cotton is often used as a lightweight alternative to wool for cool, all-season comforters. 

Fill measurements

Fill is measured in two ways that determine how fluffy and warm your comforter is: 

  • Fill power: Fill power measures how much volume a single ounce of filling takes up. Denoted in the hundreds, the higher the number, the fluffier your comforter will be.
  • Fill weight: Fill weight measures how heavy the stuffing in your comforter is. While a higher number can generally mean a warmer comforter, what matters more is the fill weight in relation to the fill power. Look for high fill powers with modest fill weights. This means lots of stuffing with ample air pockets between fibers to trap and release body heat for a warm, yet breathable comforter.


The stitch of your comforter determines the filling distribution and is an important consideration for hot and cold sleepers.

  • Sewn-through stitch: This method of quilting sews the two layers of fabric together in squares to create pockets of stuffing. With this design, the filling tends to accumulate toward the center of the pocket, leaving cold, flat spots along the seams. While this can be frustrating in frigid temperatures, a sewn-through stitch improves a comforter in warmer climates. 
  • Baffle-box stitch: With this method, instead of sewing the top and bottom layer together directly, an extra vertical piece of fabric is added between each pocket to create a box. This allows even distribution of filler throughout and eliminates dead spots. Perfect for cold sleepers and temperate climates, those who overheat will want to pay attention to the filling to avoid waking up drenched in sweat.

How much you can expect to spend on a purple comforter

You can get a good down-alternative comforter on a budget for anywhere between $30-$60. But if you’re looking for premium fabric or quality filler, expect to pay $80-$300.

Purple comforter FAQ

Should I use a cover with my comforter?

A. A cover can help protect your comforter from spills and sweat, which will extend its lifespan. While it isn’t necessary, you might feel a little cleaner with this easy-to-wash barrier. And you can swap it out whenever you want to change your color scheme. 

How do I wash my comforter?

A. The secret to washing your comforter is successive rinse cycles. And yes, you can even do this with down. Just make sure you put your machine on delicate, use warm or cold water instead of hot, and only a little bit of detergent. When the first load is done, send it through for another rinse cycle or two. This will help to spin out extra moisture and get rid of stubborn suds.

What’s the best purple comforter to buy?

Top purple comforter

Litanika Purple Marble Comforter

Litanika Purple Marble Comforter

What you need to know: You can put a contemporary spin on the ancient hue with this purple marble comforter that will add texture and class to modern bedrooms.

What you’ll love: This down-alternative comforter has a fluffy microfiber fill designed for all-season use and easy machine washing. It’s lightweight, so you won’t smother yourself during the warmer months. And duvet loops let you add a thick cover should the temperature plummet.

What you should consider: Some find this comforter too cool for cold climates.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top purple comforter for the money

 Homelike Moment Lightweight Down-Alternative Comforter

Homelike Moment Lightweight Down-Alternative Comforter

What you need to know: This bright purple reversible comforter is a great budget option for kids rooms.  

What you’ll love: This lightweight down-alternative comforter can flip between lilac and plum purple. Its polyester microfiber fill will keep you warm year-round without overheating. And with duvet hooks at each corner, this comforter can be paired with a cover to change the color and keep it clean. 

What you should consider: Though it’s made for year-round use, this might be a little too lightweight for colder climates without a thick duvet cover.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Madison Park Hampton 7-Piece Queen Comforter Set

Madison Park Hampton 7-Piece Queen Comforter Set

What you need to know: A modern take on purple decor, this luxurious ruched-striped comforter comes with a matching bed set to deck out your pad with a little royal flair.

What you’ll love: Replete with a comforter, two shams, a bed skirt and three decorative pillows, this set has your remodel or move-in covered. It’s filled with plush, soft polyester that’s lightweight enough for all-season use, yet warm enough for the winter.

What you should consider: Some feel it runs a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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