Which silicone baby bibs are best?

Babies can be the messiest creatures to walk the face of the earth, especially when they’re eating solid foods. Using a baby bib can greatly decrease the mess your baby makes around your kitchen and help to keep your baby’s clothes clean, meaning you have less tasks to do in your already busy day.

One of the best silicone baby bibs is the ChenYuTe 3-Pack Silicone Baby Bibs. This three-pack is a great option for those who don’t have the time to clean the same bib after each use.

What to know before you buy a silicone baby bib

Silicone baby bib types

Silicone as a material is used in various ways for most bib types.

  • Scoop: Scoop bibs are mostly, if not entirely, made of silicone. They feature a large scoop portion at the bottom of the bib which is designed to catch the various crumbs and spills of your child’s solid or liquid meal.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof bibs are the intermediate step between a baby with an all-liquid diet and one who is on a mostly solid diet. They’re best used to keep your baby’s clothing protected from spills or drooling.
  • Coverall: If your child is extremely messy, then a coverall bib, one that looks like a poncho and functions as a waterproof bib, is an excellent choice. 
  • Teething: Silicone is a great material for teething bibs as it gives your child something soft to nibble on. Most teething bibs also use fabrics to absorb the excess drool that comes with teething.

Why not silicone?

Silicone is a poor choice for babies that are still on liquid or mostly liquid diets as those babies need absorbent materials like cotton and polyester to catch the liquid spills. There are non-silicone versions of most of the above bib types with the terry bib type being exclusively non-silicone.

What to look for in a quality silicone baby bib


Babies can and will go through multiple baby bibs each day, so when shopping for a new silicone baby bib, it can be wise to focus on bundle packages. Buying a bundle package of the same silicone baby bib means you can save time by washing all your bibs at the end of the day. Using the same brand of bib can also ensure your baby doesn’t develop any issues between different bibs.


Silicone baby bibs typically come in solid colors. Special designs are occasionally used in silicone bibs, but it’s a little harder to produce, meaning designed bibs will have a higher price. Unless your child is older and beginning to show a preference for certain colors or designs, it’s recommended to select a silicone baby bib based on its function over its fashion.

How much you can expect to spend on a silicone baby bib

Silicone baby bibs typically remain firmly planted in the affordable price range. Most individual bibs typically cost between $7-$10, while multi-bib packs can drop the per-bib price down to $4. Branded silicone baby bibs will cost the most, but rarely offer additional value for the cost.

Silicone baby bib FAQ

Can I only use a silicone baby bib or do I need to have multiple types of bibs?

A. The different baby bib types all perform specific functions, meaning you’ll likely want to have a bib that fits the varying needs of your baby. You might be able to get away with only using a silicone baby bib if times are tough, but it won’t be able to match the qualities of the other bib types.

How many silicone baby bibs will I need throughout one day?

A. If you have the time to wash one silicone baby bib after each use, you can use the same one all day, but most parents don’t have the time to do so. Those parents will go through a silicone baby bib with each meal and snack, so roughly three to five per day.

What’s the best silicone baby bib to buy?

Top silicone baby bib

ChenYuTe 3-Pack Silicone Baby Bibs

ChenYuTe 3-Pack Silicone Baby Bibs

What you need to know: This three-pack of colorful silicone baby bibs is perfect for busy parents, BPA-free and affordable.

What you’ll love: The included colors are green, blue and pink. A multi-snap design allows for easy adjustment to your growing baby over time. These baby bibs are easily cleaned using hot, soapy water. The front pocket is noted as being extra-wide.

What you should consider: These baby bibs can’t be machine washed or dried and the front pocket is noted to occasionally fold inward during use, which closes off the pocket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top silicone baby bib for the money

Momcozy Silicone Baby Bib

Momcozy Silicone Baby Bib

What you need to know: This silicone baby bib comes in packages of one or three to best fit any parents’ budgets.

What you’ll love: Some of the color options available include purple, green, blue and yellow. The silicone material is BPA- and PVC-free and is safe for use inside the dishwasher. A multi-snap design adjusts to most babies between 6 months and 6 years of age.

What you should consider: Some of the color options cost more than the others despite offering no additional benefits. Some consumers reported warping when the bib is run through the dishwasher.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib, 2-Pack

OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib, 2-Pack

What you need to know: This two-pack is a great choice for those who prefer their baby goods to come from a recognizable brand.

What you’ll love: The main portion and front pocket of this baby bib is made from food-safe silicone, but the material around the neck portion is made of soft fabric to be easy on your baby’s skin. A Velcro strap allows this baby bib to easily adjust to a growing baby.

What you should consider: This bib pack is one of the most expensive options. Some consumers reported that the colors bleed after being run through a dishwasher or washing machine.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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