PITTSBURG, Kan. — Many gathered in Pittsburg to enjoy a performance from the U.S. Navy Concert Band.

The performance took place inside the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts.

The band is based in Washington, D.C., and is embarking on a 20-day nationwide tour with 16 performances on their schedule.

Musician John Mangonon says this tour gives them an opportunity to bring the music of the Navy to people that do not always have access to their performances.

They play a variety of classical music, with some jazz influence.

“It really means the world to us. And it’s truly special every time we want to go out and perform for the American people and see the support for the veterans and for the current service members in the Navy, there are thousands of Navy sailors out there right now that we’re representing and we’re happy to do so. This is just one of those great ways for us to connect with their families and the Americans that support them in the end too,” said John Mangonon, Musician First Class.

The next tour stop for the band will be tomorrow in Wichita.