PITTSBURG, Kan. — Study-abroad opportunities are back in full force for many colleges and universities, after being pretty much shelved for a couple of years due to the pandemic.

PSU’s “Study Abroad Expo,” today, gave students a look at the vast array of options.

Faculty-led programs, exchanges, and affiliate programs, as well as some of the international opportunities on campus.

“So it’s really good for students to try to immerse themselves into a different culture, just because it not only, you know, like, grows yourself as a person, but you also, you know, develop a world view and appreciate the different things that are around you,” said Lesly Bocanegra, PSU Senior.

“Some of our most popular locations are Finland, France, Malta, and South Korea, and Spain. So Europe, but we also have Latin and South America as well as Asia, South Korea, and Japan being our most popular right now,” said Angela Moots, PSU Study Abroad Coord.

The university’s “Study Abroad Office” hosted the expo in conjunction with this week being “International Education Week.”