PITTSBURG, Kan. — A local operation helps raise awareness for an ROTC program while also paying tribute to veterans.

Pitt State’s Operation Game Day kicked off today (Saturday).

The day was organized by PSU’s Military Science Department and the ROTC program, who also joined forces with the athletic department.

Previously known as Military Appreciation Day, the event raises awareness for the PSU ROTC program while raising funds.

In addition, it also salutes veterans, and this year falls on Veterans Day.

“This is where we go out to support our veterans. This is for our time. This is a great time for me to talk to veterans, learn their stories, listen to them, see their support. And it’s really cool. It’s a great experience here at,” said Konya Halle PSU ROTC Cadet Battalion Commander.

“It’s important to honor our veterans because everybody that served sacrifices a lot. For those that die, they sacrificed their lives, and also those that come home. They sacrificed part of themselves and their spirit, having to watch their friends go away and also being separated from their families for so long. Fight battles just for our nation’s freedom. It’s something that’s valuable because freedom isn’t free,” said Brady Stanley PSU ROTC Cadet.

To help raise funds for the ROTC program Special Operation Game Day, T-shirts were sold a week prior to the game.