PITTSBURG, Kan. — Things were getting a little ghostly at Pittsburg State University, this afternoon (Sunday).

Pitt State Theatre showcased the 1941 play “Blithe Spirit” at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts this weekend, for its last showing.

The play follows a husband and wife who find trouble after her husband starts to see the ghost of his dead ex-wife.

18 students were involved in the production of the play.

The live program offered five showings this weekend.

This is the Pitt State Theatre’s first of three different performances this school year.

“We like to do things that not everybody is doing. Things that kind of speak and challenge our students as well as challenge our audience. So it’s not things they are necessarily familiar with but things that speak to what’s happening right now or what they kind of need in a lot of ways,” said Megan Westhoff, PSU Assistant Professor and Director of Theatre.

Pitt State Theatre’s next performance is “Mrs. Dalloway” in February.