PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pitt State’s food services has completed its new updates. During the summer PSU transitioned to a new food service company – Aladdin.

The new company’s plan was to enhance the dining experience and cater to what students want and like. Some of the new changes include a new sub stand, another spot featuring Mexican food, a fuel station, and all new menus in the residential dining halls.

“At Aladdin Campus Dining, we’re very into getting the students’ input on our menus. It’s their dining program, it’s their campus, this is their home. So we want to make it how we want to make items of what they want to see. So we will do surveys twice a year. We have a dining committee that we’ll create once the students get back on campus,” said Amy Ahlum.

“To make sure we have a variety for all of our students, especially with special dietary needs we like to connect them with our regional dietitian and she goes through all the menu plans and everything to find options available to them. And actually if they don’t find an option available to them we will come up with an option or we will order something in specifically for them to make sure all the needs are met for all the students,” said Andrew Johnson.

Aladdin also provides catering options for events on campus, as well as pre-game and post-game meals for Pitt State athletics. As well as, food for concession stands and suite dining during football games.