PITTSBURG, Kan. — A group of African alums met with the President of Pittsburg State University today.

For Homecoming, the group of international alumni returned to participate in different activities.

They are scheduled to host a group presentation this evening with current international students.

But before that, the group met with President Dr. Dan Shipp to give insight into their experience while on campus, as well as how they can work together to recruit more African international students.

“We want the new current students to also learn what it’s going to be like, what to expect as they graduate, how to find ways to be able to build careers, how to start working, the things to put in place, building blocks for them as well,” said Ugwum Oduze, PSU alumnus.

“Going back to Ghana, the good things I learned at PSU and in America I went back to implement them in places of work, where I worked, and I enjoyed good success,” said Edward Appiah-Brafoh, PSU alumnus.

On Saturday, the group is planning to walk in the parade with international students and attend the football game.