PITTSBURG, Kan. — Many gathered on the campus of Pittsburg State University to celebrate graduates.

Seven different commencement ceremonies have been going on over the course of the last two days for the university’s different colleges.

Graduates, along with their loved ones, stand together — listening to a few speeches from university leaders and select students, before taking that famed walk to get their degrees.

School officials say just over 1,100 students are taking that much-anticipated walk across the stage.

Several graduates we spoke with say they’ll remember many things about their experience as a student at Pitt State.

“Probably the professors. Although I wasn’t on campus (online), the professors here are great. Even if they are online or in-person, they’re just all really, really great. Continue pursuing your dreams. I did and look where I’m at,” said Casey Christall, PSU graduate, Masters in History.

“I love the atmosphere at Pitt. It was close-knit, like I was close with all my professors, my advisors. The students were all very helpful,” said Taylor Zoglmann, PSU graduate, Biology major.

Zoglmann says her goal is to become a dentist and plans to pursue her master’s degree before heading to dental school.

Christall says he plans to begin applying for adjunct positions — teaching history.