PITTSBURG, Kans. — It’s one of the most renowned scientific organizations in the world. And a group of area students are working on a project with them. It’s called “Snap Shot USA” and is an ongoing research study conducted by the Smithsonian Institution. Students from universities in every state in the country are taking part in it.

In the state of Kansas, students from P.S.U., like Austin Abram, are gathering photographic evidence of what species are alive and well in the Sunflower State.

“We set up the cameras and then we gather the SD cards to see what kind of animals that are out there, so we can see the diversity that Pittsburg has mammal-wise,” said Austin Abram, P.S.U. Senior

Abram and other biology students like Khloey Stringer set motion-detecting cameras three weeks ago, that snap pictures of any animal walking in front of it, day or night, in ten different locations within the city of Pittsburg.

“I hope that with my camera trapping experience I will be able to, it will be like it’s a door, that’s a door that’s open to where I have more opportunities with those kinds of jobs,” said Khloey Stringer, P.S.U. Sophomore

Not only will these students be able to say that they’ve worked with the Smithsonian, they’re also learning valuable skills in the process.

This is the fourth year for the nationwide project. Over that time frame, P.S.U. students have captured more than 8000 images of 16 different mammal species in Crawford County.

“It’s great for our students because it gives them hands-on experience while they’re still students to not only learn these types of techniques but also learn what goes into running such a massive project like this one so what data collection looks like, data analysis, the trials, and tribulations of research,” said Dr. Christine Brodsky, P.S.U. Biology.