PITTSBURG, Kans. — Classes are right around the corner at Pittsburg State University — and as incoming freshmen prepare for their next big step in life, Pitt State is trying to help them every step of the way.

“We’re going to connect them with the right offices right away, the right people on campus, the right peer-mentors on campus, folks who can really assist them in their transition process and answer their questions,” said Heather Eckstein, PSU Student Success Programs Director.

Pittsburg State University’s campus is starting to liven up ahead of the start of classes on Monday. Over the summer incoming freshmen have been getting their bearings through the PSU Cares program.

“It’s the last session after a summer of sessions for students who are arriving from quite a distance. We’re going to orient them to Pittsburg State, they’re going to get enrolled today, they’ll meet some fellow students, and at the end of the day have their PSU ID card and be ready to start classes,” Eckstein added.

“It makes every bit of difference for new students. It would be a huge disadvantage if you were lost and all that, so it’s good to walk around the campus and get a feel for it,” said Jude Wolfe, PSU Incoming Freshman.

Here students are introduced to their new home at Pitt State, getting to know the traditions and resources the community has to offer.

“They need to understand their financial aid, and if they have questions they’re here. If they need to understand housing questions they’re here. They need to understand their housing requirements and know when they’re going to move in. They need to visit with various offices and find out about the opportunities available, so campus activities and the Student Diversity Office,” said Eckstein.

While college can be a big transition for students, PSU is making sure the student’s family members are prepared to help them on this new adventure

“They’re such an important part of this experience, even from a distance, they’re going to support their student. They’re going to go to their parents with their questions, maybe before they come to me at least initially, and so we want them to have good information and know who to call, and we want them here to help their student get started on the right foot,” Eckstein added.