PITTSBURG, Kans. — All this week we’ll be featuring some of the unique places to go in Pittsburg as part of our “My Town Tour”. One of them is a popular eatery that opened its doors in the 1940s.

Not much has changed at this southeast Kansas dining destination since it was built, and that’s one of the reasons customers like it. Rick Parsons started out as a customer.

“I’d eat here as a kid. My wife actually ate here on our wedding day. That was 35 years ago,” said Parsons.

That was until he bought the place in 2003. He figured if he worked that hard in the food service industry, it might as well be for himself.

“I’d worked for Colonel Sanders for eighteen years before this and just wanted something of my own and bought this place,” he added.

Bob’s Grill got its name back in 1964 when Bob Maier bought and renovated the original 1946 restaurant on North Broadway. It’s one of the few restaurants left with a horseshoe counter where your meal is made right in front of you.

“And if you make any mistakes,” asked KSN’s Stuart Price.

“They’ll tell me,” responded Parsons.

“Almost 40 years,” said Dennis Kester, Long Time Customer.

Dennis Kester is one of the regulars and has been eating here as long as…He’s been eating.

“Oh yeah, Bob’s Grill makes Pittsburg, it’s one of the places,” said Kester.

The decor inside the business is purely sports memorabilia, featuring football and baseball helmets of many area teams. And, many well-known athletes from the Pittsburg area, or those that played for PSU are on display, including Ronald Moore, Kendall Gammon, Brian Moorman, and home-grown professionals like Bill Russell, to name a few. All in a small town atmosphere where the food and service hasn’t changed in decades, the way customers like it.

“Rick knows everybody, first name basis,” added Kester.