PITTSBURG, Kans. — The back-to-school rush has returned to the City of Pittsburg, and many business owners are thrilled to see the uptick in customers. Gorilla Country, for example, is just a few blocks from Pittsburg State University. Owner Steve Scott says he’s noticed many parents are also in town, dropping off children at their alma mater before they begin school next week. But, there’s something else he’s noticed, his customers are coming from all over the Four States and even farther away.

“This morning I had New Mexico in, and over the weekend I had California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Wyoming. You know, it’s people are out traveling and alumni like to touch base back at home to see Pitt State,” he said.

The sporting good apparel store sells just about every kind of PSU clothing you could imagine, as well as other Pitt State decor.