PITTSBURG, Kans. — Members of a nonprofit in Pittsburg need the help of City residents and local businesses.

“Pittsburg Beautiful” group members say they need all the volunteers they can muster up to keep their community clean.

Stephanie Watts says the group is asking local residents to spend just a few minutes each week doing their share by picking up trash to keep the city clean. Those who sign up for the program will become part of the “Pittsburg Pride Pack.”

“We came up with a plan to get businesses and home owners to sponsor their immediate area or a street or a section of town, I bring by a sponsor sheet, you sign it, all we’re asking for is 30 minutes a month to commit to picking up the litter in that area,” said Stephanie Watts, Member, Pittsburg Beautiful.

Individuals, groups, or businesses can become part of the “Pittsburg Pride Pack” by following this link to their Facebook Page.