PITTSBURG, Kans. — It’s more than just a summer reading program at Pittsburg State.

The university’s Nature Reach program incorporates live animals into the mix. This is all part of the Pre-K Summer Reading Program.

The 30-minute session is for kids 3 to 5 years old and takes place every Tuesday during the month of July.

Each session features a read-aloud story and an animal or group of animals related to the story.

Tuesday’s story was about an opossum. The kids got to check one out and also spent time checking out the other animals in the facility.

“Well, I think the earlier you can get kids started on having an interest in animals and the outdoors, you know, the less likely they’ll be fearful of snakes or spiders or bugs or whatever. And, you know, we hope maybe in the future, we’ll have some little Gorillas,” said Delia Lister, PSU Nature Reach Director.

Again, this happens every Tuesday this month. The cost is $5 per student per session and parents are welcome to join.

Parents can register their kids online here.