PITTSBURG, Ks. — If you drive down Broadway in Pittsburg, you’re bound to see gorilla pride on t-shirts, banners and on the menu.

Jolly Fox Brewery will soon be launching Golden Gorilla Ale, Pitt State’s first licensed beer.

It’s said to be light-bodied with hints of honey and banana according to brewmaster and Jolly Fox CEO Joel Stewart.

He started working on the beer with the university since October of last year.

It’s expected to launch in just a few weeks.

“We released the info for the beer to kind of start building the hype and we’ve already received orders for the beer, or they’ve tried to place in orders for the beer and it’s not even done yet, it’s still got two or three weeks before we can package it. The excitement is there loud, loudly,” says Stewart.

You’ll be able to sample Golden Gorilla Ale around Pittsburg at Jolly Fox, Brick + Mortar Social House, and Pairott Head Liquor once it’s released.

Pittsburg State University is also working to make it available at football games this season.

To see when the beer is finished, you can follow Jolly Fox Brewery online.