PARSONS, Ks. — Authorities are asking drivers to stay aware on the road.

The Parsons Police Department has launched its 2022 Move Over campaign.

This is meant to bring attention to individual states move over laws to protect law enforcement and first responders.

In Kansas, failing to move over for an emergency service vehicle in a four-lane road can result in a $75 fine and $105 fine on a two-lane road.

Robert Spinks, Parsons Chief of Police, says, “Over the past several years, 149 law enforcement officers have been killed on those roadside stops investigating crashes during traffic stops, and that doesn’t take into account other first responders such as EMS and firefighters who have also been injured or killed.”

Chief Spinks suggests the best way to stay aware on the road is to break up the monotony of driving.

This can be fixed by turning your head left to right, or by simply checking the rear view mirror.

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