PARSONS, Kan. — There was Lunch with Leading Ladies, Wednesday, at Parsons High School.

It was actually the name of the event. Those Leading Ladies, part of Parsons Soroptimist International. They talked about their respective journeys and some of the challenges they’ve faced.

The lunch is part of the organization’s “Dream It, Be It” program.

“This is just an endless endless opportunities for these young women — but we have to connect first and this is our first step getting back into helping them find their dream and then be there dream,” said Ginny Wommack, Parsons Soroptimist Intl. Chair.

“Now our role as individuals is to help mold these minds and, and help help the youth to understand like there’s not a perfect path forward or right or wrong answer. You know that were going to have challenges along the way — and if we trip and fall it’s okay, we just have to make sure we get back up,” said Becky Dantic, Parsons Area Comm. Foundation Exec. Dir.

The group plans to do more of these at other schools.