PARSONS, Kan. — The Parsons Police Department says they have now received the cremains of K-9 Karim.

According to the department, following the necropsy of Karim, officers went to Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to retrieve Karim’s ashes.

The final report, along with toxicology results, have yet to been released to law enforcement.

K-9 Karim posing with a donated med kit.

Karim, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, passed away suddenly in August following a 12-hour shift the day prior. The next morning, Karim’s handler found him dead inside his kennel. Karim and his partner had been together since 2021.

Karim’s handler was put on administrative leave, while the Labette County Sheriff’s Office and PPD conducts a joint investigation.

Parsons also opened a personnel investigation to determine if any policy or work rules were violated. Officials say these are routine investigations and are part of their protocol. Karim’s handler will undergo what is known as a “Garrity” Interview. He is represented by counsel.

Officials will schedule a memorial service at Parsons City Hall in the municipal auditorium once the investigation into Karim’s death is completed.