PARSONS, Kan. — Parsons Middle and High Schools have a new unique coffee delivery business.

The special education program introduced the “Magic Bean” student-run coffee delivery service earlier this week. The students are assisted by their teacher, Nichole Helton. Faculty and staff place their orders with her in the mornings.

“They each kind of have their own special jobs, and they really seem to like it. It’s a fun part of the day. And it gives them social skills practice and a skill that they can use after high school,” said Helton.

She and the students then prepare the orders inside the classroom and deliver the coffee.

“A lot of fun, seeing the teachers smile,” said Miles Baumgarrtel, one of the students.

“They love going to see the other teachers and the smiles on their faces,” said Helton.

Helton said the support from the faculty and staff has been great.

“I think the teachers really enjoy just having the students come in and say ‘hi’ and give them a special treat for the afternoon to get them through the day,” said Helton.

They’re only accepting cash and checks currently, and all of the money received will be invested back into the special education program.