MISSOURI — Election day is just five weeks away for Missouri voters, and they’ve got a list of statewide ballot questions to decide.

Recreational marijuana tops the list of decisions for Missouri voters this fall. It would legalize the drug for anyone over the age of 21.

“I think it’s going to expunge some of the past convictions, not all of them because there was a provision that it feels trafficking things of that nature, there still would be that portion would not be expunged, but those that had minor possessions, etc, would would be exonerated, be expunged,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

Another question would allow state lawmakers to increase funding for the Kansas City police force, which is governed by the State Board of Police Commissioners.

Voters will also decide an issue creating a standalone state department for the Missouri National Guard, which isn’t the case currently.

“Right now anytime that the Missouri National Guard has to do something they have to go through the Department of Public Safety to get approval. So the governor really is the one that’s in charge of the National Guard. So it would make the National Guard its own department directly answerable and funded through the executive branch and the Governor of the State of Missouri.”

And finally, a question dealing with how the state invests its savings.

“The state treasurer is only allowed to invest their money in certain things and they truly believe that legislation thought that they can invest their money. More that the interest on it the the return on investment is much greater than it is currently. So it allowed them to make a little bit different decisions,” added Davis

Election Day Is November 8th.