COLUMBUS, Kans. — U.S. Senator Jerry Moran makes a stop in southeast Kansas, visiting with farmers in the area. Farmers were able to show Senator Moran firsthand some of the agricultural challenges they are facing.

The U.S. Senate is starting to focus on the farm bill. Moran says tours like this help him get an idea of what people in Kansas think should be part of that legislation.

“Well I know that there are farmers around here, ourselves included that are looking at next year’s corn acreage in terms of maybe planning less because of input
costs, cost of fertilizer getting a lot higher,” said Chad Epler, Farmer.

“In today’s farming, we need a different farm bill because input costs have skyrocketed. So commodity price at least for a while, what a farmer might get at the grain elevator or in hedging their product, their crop. That price has gone up not so much anymore,” said Jerry Moran, Senator. “But the problem is the cost of production, fertilizer, fuel, diesel fuel, and natural gas all have increased dramatically. And the farm bill now needs to take the increased cost of production into account.”

Another thing Moran focused on was improving water quality in the state of Kansas, which included cleaning up lakes, rivers, and ponds around the Sunflower State.