CARTHAGE, Mo. — More than 20,000 voters cast a ballot in Jasper County yesterday. That averages out to nearly 25% of registered voters in the county, a total that beat expectations going into the August primary.

Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis says it’s good to see that level of participation, especially after the county set a new voting record in the Presidential Election in 2020.

“Normal turnout is sub-20% in these elections, maybe 21%. But we had 24.97% of the people turned out. So if you take the actual number of active voters – that’s probably more in the range of 35% of the people. Which is huge for an August election. So kudos to the citizens of Jasper County that got out and voted,” he said.

Davis pointed out there were a couple of big tax issues on the ballot, including a Public Safety Tax vote in Joplin and a Performing Arts Center Bond in Carthage. He says those likely contributed to a higher than normal turnout.