JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Time is up for Missouri candidates looking to get on the August ballot.

Tuesday was the deadline for a wide range of races – everything from the U.S. Senate to Missouri State Representatives and county elected positions.

In Jasper County, that includes three contested races in either August or November. That’s a county commission race, the county auditor, and a local judge.

“And I would encourage people – don’t necessarily look at what somebody says – look at their past record, look at their history. And, that’s the most important thing you can do is look at what somebody has done in the past,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

The presiding commissioner race includes incumbent Republican John Bartosh, Republican Challenger Mikey Robertson and Democrat Josh Shackles.

The contest for Jasper County auditor falls to incumbent Republican Sarah Hoover and Republican Gene Mense.

The third race will decide who will replace retiring Jasper County Judge Jerry Holcomb.