Year end numbers show crime dropped in Webb City


Year end numbers show crime is down in Webb City – a drop of nearly eight percent.

2018 totalled out with 418 crimes reported in Webb City. That’s everything from vehicle theft to burglary and assault. And some categories zeroed out – there were no murders or rapes reported in city limits in either 2018 or the year before.

“One thing we do like to see are the decrease in assaults – you know, less cases of domestic violence or other assaults,” says Chief Don Melton.

And that saw a big drop in 2018 – 17 percent fewer cases than the year before. Robberies were also down, along with stealing and burglary. Property crimes make up the biggest number of cases in Webb City – making prevention central in 2019. 

“Property crimes are kind of the ones we try to focus on – where we have late night patrols checking open garage doors, open doors, open windows and stuff like that. And unlocked cars,” says Chief Don Melton.

Keeping crime low is an even bigger priority this year. Changes at the Webb City Police Department could lead to an increase in crime, at least on paper.

“If you have for instance a burglary, with a homicide and you steal a truck, the difference is only the homicide – the most significant event – is reported. We’re switching to a new reporting system this year where we’ll probably be going to an incident based report where all three crimes get reported,” says Melton.

Which could look like more crime.

“But it’s not a true increase in crimes – just a better reporting of crimes that happened,” says Melton.

Nearly every category of crime is down for the city, including robbery, assault, and burglary, along with zero cases of homicide and rape. Only vehicle theft increased – and that by just three cases. It was a busy year, with 11 thousand 777 calls for service – essentially flat from the year before.

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