Wyandotte tribe invites Green Way Outdoors to Ottawa Co.


A television show is partnering with the Wyandotte tribe to produce a series of episodes for a nationally syndicated program.

The Green Way Outdoors television show was invited by the chief of Wyandotte to film on Grand Lake in Ottawa County. Show host Kyle Green says it’s important for them to spread their message of the protection of outdoor heritage and conservation.

“Every episode is about a specific tactic about a specific species that is being hunted or fishing. We incorporate conservation, we incorporate the greenway checklist, which is everything you need for the trip. We show you the hunt in a reality show format we pray over what we get and we show you how to cook it,” says Kyle Green.

During this series they will be capturing paddlefish. Paddlefish are unique, and Green says they are only found in 9 waterways throughout the United States.

“So were targeting all these different species and traveling all these different areas but were trying to create content that millenials and younger want to see. Reality shows, cooking shows, these are the shows and the types of content that is popular with them so were using that to inspire younger generations to get out get into hunting and fishing,” says Green.

Billy Friend, chief of Wyandotte nation, says hosting the show in the area allows them to share its history for future generations.

“Teaching them not only their own history about their tribe, but teaching them the practices that were practiced years ago. We were hunters we were fishers we were gathers,” says Billy Friend.

Green says 55 and older is the average age of a person who owns a fishing or hunting license. He adds he hopes his show inspires more people to become involved in more outdoor activities.

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