Wyandotte PD reminds residents to be wary of suspicious activity


The Wyandotte Police Department is working to bring awareness concerning suspicious activity occurring in neighborhoods in town.

Reports have been coming into authorities concerning loitering and soliciting taking place. Wyandotte police chief ken murphy says this happens often especially in the summertime.

He adds rural neighborhoods are targets because there are not a lot of neighbors living near each other. Murphy is asking the public to not attempt to handle it themselves, but to report suspicious activity immediately while it is happening.

“I know a lot of people who put confrontations like that and it puts them in an awkward situation. We are trained for that and we have the authority to take action if necessary, obviously everyone has the right to protect themselves and their property and I support that 100% but that’s what we get paid for,” says Ken Murphy.

Murphy says if you have any concerns in the Wyandotte area regarding suspicious activity you can call them at 918 678-3100.

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