Wyandotte Nation program looks to combat domestic violence within community


A local tribe is working hard to combat domestic violence in its communities.

Wyandotte Nation pledges to work on domestic violence and the impact it’s having in communities nationwide. A proclamationwas signed by Chief Billy Friend Thursday, showing the tribe’s full support of the mission.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“It makes sure these numbers start reducing as Native American women are victimized at a rate fifty percent higher than any other ethnicity,” explained Lisa Arnold with the Wyandotte Nation Family Violence Prevention Program.

For women of all races, one in three women are victims of domestic violence. One in seven men are affected as well.

“Our program is relatively new, but over the last two years it’s really really grown,” Arnold continued. “When I first started here, there were just a handful of cases. And right now, we’ve got fifty open cases that are active and have victims that are needing things on a daily basis.”

Friend says he is thankful domestic violence awareness is getting more support.

“Just in the past two years, the government has made federal funding readily available to us to provide assistance to those who are victims of domestic violence,” said Friend.

Arnold just wants victims to know they are supported.

“There are programs that can help get on their feet..it’s not a handout–it’s a hand up,” Arnold explained. “They can contact their area programs, we have Eastern Shawnee there’s Wyandotte Nation, a community crisis center, there’s a shelter located in Miami.”

To receive help through Wyandotte Nation’s Family Violence Prevention Program, call (918)678-6319.

This Saturday, there will be a scarecrow run in support of domestic violence awareness. It will be at 8 am at the Bearskin Fitness Center in Wyandotte.

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