Wyandotte Nation culture shared through generations



Historical aspects of Wyandotte Nation’s culture is shared during the tribe’s annual Gathering of Little Turtles.

The three-day event brings out Wyandotte children ages 5 to 16. Activities include learning their native language and making tribal crafts. One of the biggest lessons this year is to teach the kids about the animals that helped their ancestors survive. That includes the deer, bear, and raccoon.

“Unfortunately, over time with the immersion. A lot of families do not know our heritage. Do not know our culture so it’s getting families to learn about that and we are community we are a family.”

Marilyn Young, Wyandotte Nation Cultural Committee

Young adds in the future the tribe would like to expand the three-day event to last an entire week. Which will give kids a real experience of how their ancestors lived in the wilderness hundreds of years ago.

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