Wyandotte High School Students Promote Recycling with Project


WYANDOTTE, OK,–Three Wyandotte High School students are hoping to encourage recycling among their peers.

Jevon Parmley, Jack Parmley, and Hunter Smith designed and fabricated a metal “fish style” plastic bottle recycling bin for a distance learning project.

After seeing a photo shared by a teacher and with little direction, they were able to create their own recycled fish made mostly of sheet and expanded metal.

It took about 13 hours from start to finish and will be placed in the high school’s common area for students to recycle.

Jack Parmley, student says, “we were learning about paddlefish and zoology and Mr. Coffey kind of wanted us to take that over instead of just a regular fish.

Jevon Parmley, student, says “it helps, it obviously helps the environment, it’s better to recycle, we’ve learned that pretty much our whole school careers and this kind of just helps us show that.”

Hunter Smith, student, “yeah i think people will use it because everybody walks by it everyday and they think it’ll be cool and then throw stuff in it.”

The boys teacher Mr. Coffey says he is proud of the students because they were self-starters and able to complete the project with school being closed during the pandemic.

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